You Can’t Fix Stupid…Better Plan for It!

i-d-like-to-help-you-but-i-just-can-t-fix-stupid Okay, so anyone who knows me knows that I hate stupidity! How it still manages to amaze me just how stupid people can be is absolutely beyond me! Everywhere we turn, stupid jumps out and slaps us in the face!

This summer stupidity seems to be attacking dog owners in large numbers! How else would you explain the number of stupid people that have left their dogs locked in their cars and gone shopping on hot sunny days? It has to be stupidity, because we keep telling them not to do so every time another idiot does it! But NOOOOOOO somebody else has got to go and test the theory!

This leads me to worry! Should we be concerned that there is a viral disease going around that might cause perfectly sane and intelligent people to suddenly make stupid decisions? Or is it simply that this generation CHOOSES to be stupid? Perhaps the backward slide in intelligence has been caused by the government’s need to attempt to legislate common sense? Everybody figures that they need not worry about thinking intelligently, the government will do it for them? Problem there is most of the stupid gravitate to politics as a career, perhaps that is another reason why we are drowning in stupid! Whatever the reason, stupidity abounds!

How do we fix this sudden outbreak of stupid? That’s just the problem, THERE IS NO CURE! One can not cure stupid, one can only plan for it!

Have YOU encountered stupid? How do you deal with it?

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