“Don’t get raped” vs. “Don’t rape”


dontgetrapedLook at this image. Read the words. Shockingly this girl is right! Our society does not teach “DO NOT RAPE.” Our society teaches our young girls not to get raped! How is it that we have missed this one simple thing for so long? How is it the burden of our female children to guard themselves against violation? Is it not the opposite that we should be teaching our male children? Should we not be saying to our young boys “do not violate”?

We do not teach our children “don’t get murdered”, it is an understood thing that murder is wrong. In fact most decent parents spend their children’s formative years teaching them that violence is a last resort and that we should resolve our conflicts in a peaceful manner.

Personally I think the blame falls squarely on accepted methods of sales and marketing. Let’s look for a second at today’s advertising practices by looking at this print ad:



Both ads are strongly sexual. What does this teach our young boys? What does it say about society’s attitude towards the female form?

In my opinion, ads such as these are what turn women into objects. They do not promote respect for women but cause men to view woman as objects they can possess. Once women are objectified, for some men they become possessions to control, and consent is a mute point. Such advertising is hazardous to women.

Oh trust me, I know there are many of you out there right now who are saying “that’s ridiculous! It’s just a print ad!” But that’s where it starts! If we do not teach respect for women by refusing to allow them to be objectified in advertising we are not teaching a “don’t rape” philosophy, we are feeding a “don’t get raped” society!

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