Some people just really are too full of themselves!

Have you ever been accused of something you did not do? I have, and just recently too! I had someone I thought was a friend contact me on Facebook this morning. He accused me of slandering his name and stealing from him. THAT would have been bad enough, but he also refused to talk to me about the situation. Preferring instead to cut all ties and end the friendship, but not before making accusations against me he refused to back up with fact.

Now since I have no idea what the hell he is talking about, and I supposedly said things that angered him, I thought that I would tell all of you what I truly think of this guy. My guess is it will be VERY different from what he was told.

I have known him about a year, and truth be told we spent a lot of time together, but our common interests, and the fact that he is a musician and I am a rock photographer/promoter gave us a lot to talk about. I won’t mention any names because that WOULD be slanderous, and I have no wish to slander anyone.

So anyway, I’ve known this guy for about a year or so, and we are (were?) good friends. He’s an okay guy, peaceful, sort of spiritual, but only when it serves his purpose. He is a pretty good guitar player, and his music has a unique signature sound to it, but he thinks WAY too highly of himself. His vocals suck, but he thinks they’re great. He’s self centered, but capable of making people think he is a caring person, who doesn’t want recognition for any of the “good” things he does. Secretly recognition is ALL he wants. He is fifty years old and afraid he is past his prime so he puffs himself up and puts on airs to impress people. Truly he is just afraid of growing old alone. He likes to think he’s a genius, and thinks he is master of everything he attempts. Truly the only thing in which he excels is guitar playing, the rest of his efforts are mediocre at best. He is quick to take action when something sparks his interest, but just as quick to lose interest when it does not provide a way for self promotion.

“So why on earth would you be friends with this person in the first place?” you might ask. The answer to that is simple, there is good in everybody if you look for it. He is not a bad guy, just misguided. He has compassion, he is just too wrapped up in promoting himself, and fails to act on that compassion. He was a very giving person once, but life has jaded him, as it does us all to a certain degree. He has not always been treated kindly in the past, and it has affected the way he sees people. He has overcome some very major hurdles in his life, and has lost faith in people along the way, which tends to hamper his communication skills, although he is oblivious to this.

Yes, he IS self centered, but in his defense he grew up feeling like no one cared about him, so he strives to be noticed. I completely understand the feeling, we all have it from time to time, but this man is obsessive about it! But really he means well and once in a while when he gets his head out of his ass, he can be a pretty decent person.

But hey! If he doesn’t want to know me, it’s HIS loss not mine! My only beef is people acting like cowards, and breaking up friendships on Facebook. Grow up buddy! Speak to me face to face, or are you afraid that you might have to answer for your rude behavior and your clearly obnoxious attitude? Or perhaps then you would have to explain your accusations, and since we both know they have no basis in fact, you took the cowards way out. Whatever! Have a nice life Bozo! I am pretty sure I have no trouble getting along without you. Geez! Some people just really are too full of themselves!

Peace Out!

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An Open Letter to Prime Minister Harper

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

Forty three years ago, my parents made the choice to emigrate to Canada from Ireland. Canada was a vast land of opportunity, and my Father thought being Canadian would give him more opportunities in life. He was right of course, at least back then in 1969. These days I am not so sure my Father would have made the same choices.

We took Canadian citizenship the year I turned 11, and oh were we proud to be citizens of this great country that afforded us so much opportunity! We have been proud Canadians since that day…until now!

I never thought I would hear myself say it, but I am not so proud of my country today! How can I be when my fellow Canadians in Nunavut are starving?

I said that to a friend the other day, and he acted as if I had committed an act of treason, that is, until I explained WHY I was finding it hard to be proud of Canada. When I told him of the situation in Nunavut he was shocked! I can’t blame him I was shocked myself when I was first informed.

Please explain to me Mr. Prime Minister the reasons why you are doing nothing about the situation in Nunavut? Why have retailers not been taken to task over their horrendous overpricing of food? Why are the retailers in Nunavut allowed to gouge the public and claim transportation costs as the reason? Why is no one worried about the situation 32,000 of our citizens find themselves in?

I live in Southern Ontario, and I do not have to worry that when I go to the grocery store I will be paying ridiculous prices to keep my family fed. I know that I can afford the food that sustains us. Mothers in Nunavut do not have this peace of mind. They must struggle to put food on the table, and when they do it is substandard. Children are going hungry, and resorting to rooting through garbage for food! Is this really what you want for the citizens of your country? Somehow I doubt it. Yet the situation in Nunavut grows worse each day, and you do nothing about it!

It is easy for you to sit in Ottawa with your fridge full of food and say, that these people should help themselves or move elsewhere. That however, is not the answer! Each citizen of this country has the right to choose where they wish to live. Many of these people were born in Nunavut, it is their homeland and they should not be forced to leave to survive. Yet your lack of concern for these people has caused them to do just that.

The way Canada treats it’s native population has appalled me for years. Lands stolen, children stolen, heritage lost. You act as if they have no right to be here! Yet these people have more rights to Canada than we do! They have been here for hundreds of years, walked and hunted on this land long before our ancestors came and claimed it for themselves.

You have the means to change this, but you do not act! This leaves me wondering why? How can you ignore an entire territory and it’s people? How can you attend your fancy luncheons and dinner meetings with their overabundance of food and drink while Canadians starve?

I will not be proud of my country again until ALL it’s citizens are treated equally! I am not native, I am Irish and an immigrant, yet I am given access to affordable food, proper medical care (although that is also an issue) and the rights and freedoms of a Canadian citizen. In short I, an immigrant to this country, am treated better than the natives who were here long before us.

I know you will say that Nunavut is too remote a region for you to deal with this situation. I say that is an excuse. We have military bases in Nunavut, and supplies for those bases are shipped on a regular basis. The army does not go hungry in this region, so why do the citizens of Nunavut have to? It is not impossible for our armed forces to change this situation. They could simply add supplies for the local population to their regular northern supply runs. It is a simple solution to a major problem, but one that is viable and could help to make things easier for those who live in the Canadian north.

Why are you ignoring Nunavut Mr. Prime Minister? Are they not Canadian? Or is it that you simply do not care about the native population of our country?

You may have kept this situation under wraps for a long time, but now it’s out there, and the whole country knows. Thanks to the power of social media, we are able to work with our native friends in Nunavut to bring awareness to this situation, and we are doing so. We will make sure the whole country knows how you treat the natives. I am sure that as more and more Canadians learn of the situation in the north, they will be just as shocked as I was when it was brought to my attention. Citizens of Canada will not sit idly by while you kill off the population of Nunavut with your refusal to act!

Oh and Mr. Prime Minister, I’d start packing, because there is no way in hell Canadians are going to vote you back into office when they know you don’t truly care about the citizens of Canada! I for one will never vote for you, and I know many people who right now are of the same opinion. We need a Prime Minster that cares about ALL Canadians!


Janette Hamilton