From our “Almost Ready” house to yours, Merry Christmas everyone!

Wow! Only three days to go until Christmas morning, and I am so not ready! I am sure some of you out there are completely finished, your tree is up your presents are wrapped, and your home looks like the empty set of a Christmas special just waiting for an audience.

Not me, here I am sitting in a jumble of boxes containing Christmas decorations, one gift is wrapped and my baking is still waiting to be started. Will I make it in time? Perhaps! Or perhaps we will be eating dinner plates balanced on our knees trying to defend our turkey and fixings from any of our eight rescue dogs who would love a chance to run off with someone’s Christmas dinner.

Do we care? Will I panic? No to both. Christmas isn’t about perfectly decorated homes, or how many presents are under the tree. Christmas is the time to gather together with family and celebrate the fact that we have survived another year in a world gone mad. It is a time to be charitable to your fellow man, it is a time for Peace on earth.

The older I get, and the more I watch the moral fiber of the planet unravel the more I wish that we could preserve the charitable nature people show at Christmas time. Think, what would the world be like if people had Christmas spirit all year long? If for one year we all held onto that spirit of Christmas that makes us charitable, how could we change the world?

So today, I will try to put away the boxes and get all the gifts wrapped. I will try to get my baking done, but if I don’t, we will still celebrate the season, because even if the house is not ready for Christmas we are still together for the holidays, and we’ll make the best of it! After all, do the decorations really matter? It is the season we are celebrating, and the closeness of those we love.

From our “Almost Ready” house to yours, Merry Christmas everyone!

See you in the New Year!

The Photographer