An Open Letter To Mayor Rob Ford

Dear Mr. Ford (notice I didn’t say Mayor Ford?)

I no longer live in Toronto and have not done so for quite some time. “Right then” you say “if you are not a Torontonian why do I care what you have to say?” My reply? Quite frankly sir you have to be prepared to listen to what SOMEONE says! I may not be a Torontonian, but one does not have to live in Toronto to be seriously embarrassed by the conduct of that city’s mayor. That mayor Mr. Ford, until someone can find a way to change it, is you. Your conduct, has been most unbecoming of the city’s mayor, indeed it would be unbecoming of ANY city’s mayor. Quite frankly Canadians are embarrassed to say that the mayor of one of our major cities is a dope smoking fiend with a penchant for having his drunken stupors caught on tape. Add to that the fact that said mayor associates with known criminals and drug dealers and is caught at the centre of a major police investigation and the embarrassment grows.

Now ANY other man caught with his pants down so to speak would pull them up and withdraw from the spotlight, but not you! No matter how many people call for you to resign and step down, you just don’t seem to be able to grasp the concept that your reign is over. Torontonians want a mayor that acts like a mayor not a juvenile delinquent. Surely you can see that stepping down from office is not only the best move for you, but it is really the only move left.

What were you thinking Mr. Ford? Did you think yourself above the law because you hold the office of Mayor? Or did you just erroneously think that the city of Toronto would keep taking your ridiculous apologies for your bad behavior and be done with it? Now before this comes down on the side of a screaming rant about your behavior, I will say that you have done some good for the city of Toronto, but it is far outweighed by your clandestine escapades in the parking lots and hallways of city hall.

Your stubborn refusal to admit your mistakes and STEP DOWN has created a worldwide media circus. You have made one of the best city’s in our fair country the topic of late night television monologues by Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel et al. You have made TO the butt of jokes told by comedians around the globe, not the impression we Canadians want to make on the rest of the world I assure you! Seriously dude between you and Justin Bieber, the world is convinced Canada has nothing more to offer than juvenile delinquents and dope smoking drunken fuck ups!

Mr. Ford, nothing you can say or do at this point in time is going to salvage your political career. You are DONE, have the decency to step down gracefully!


An Embarrassed Canadian Citizen


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