We want to know what is going on in our world, but we can do without the editorial views of idiots please and thank you!

Today a friend came to me outraged because she had heard a mainstream reporter say that violence against animals could be attributed to the bad economic times. I must confess the very notion that anyone could blame violent acts against any living thing on the state of the economy incensed me as well! This is the message I received:

I just heard something that makes me want to scream. The news media actually blaming our poor economy for acts of violence against animals increasing. Where the hell is the logic in that. Violent people are to blame not the economy. That’s just an extremely poor and lame excuse to justify this behaviour in some twisted manner. People who commit these acts are already predisposed to violence, end of story.

I mean are you serious? Really? Blaming tendency toward violence on the state of economy is not only ridiculous it is extremely misleading. What’s more, it could actually be dangerous!

If the general public are lead to believe that economic chaos is a catalyst for violent behavior doesn’t it also stand to reason that the general public will expect a reduction in violent behaviors if the economy makes an upshift? Naturally one could safely assume so. Problem with that is violence has absolutely nothing to do with the state of the economy. If you wouldn’t brutally murder your pet dog or cat when the economy is good, a downturn in the economy is not going to suddenly turn you into a cold blooded killer. If you don’t beat your kids when your bank account is in the black you aren’t going to become suddenly abusive if you lose everything. As my friend says those who commit acts of violence are predisposed to violent behavior.

Why is it then that the media feels the need to explain away this uprising in violent behavior with such a lame excuse? The answer is simple really, telling the truth doesn’t make them money. God forbid we should tell readers or watchers of mainstream media that we have become such a ME ME ME society that no one respects life any longer. That won’t sell newspapers or make people watch your news show. We can’t blame those actually responsible, that would be media suicide! Instead they must find someone or something else to blame.

In this case this reporter is taking the situation which does exist, that of people giving up their family pets due to the downturn in the economy. They have then skewed what we know to be true into an explanation for why we are seeing an uprising of violence against animals. We are also seeing an uprising in violence against women and children, are they going to blame that on the economy too?

The danger here is that people will become complacent and begin ignoring acts of violence by telling themselves it will all end when the economy takes an upswing. Problem is the theory couldn’t be farther from the truth. There will be no miraculous disappearance of violent acts when the economy recovers simply because the economy is not the catalyst for rising violence.

Violence has existed for millennia, the strong have always used it as a means by which to control the weak. Barbaric behavior is not new to the human race. In fact we as a race have spent countless decades drafting laws and consequence to try to curb violent behavior. We find such acts intolerable and those who commit them to be sick and twisted members of society. Nothing can justify an act of violence, certainly not a downturn in the economy.

If you ask me (not that anyone did but i’ll tell you anyway) the mainstream media really needs to examine their priorities. We want to know what is going on in our world, but we can do without the editorial views of idiots please and thank you!


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