When did we decide that murder is okay as long as you think you have a valid reason? It isn’t!

Today I struggled for something to write. I must have started two or three different blogs but nothing was speaking to me. Then I began to think about the fate of Marius the giraffe, and i knew that I had my topic of conversation.If you have not heard the story (maybe you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past week I don’t know) let me explain.

Marius was an eighteen month old giraffe who lived at the Copenhagen zoo. Marius was murdered last week as zoo visitors looked on. He was then butchered and fed to the zoo’s lions, all in front of the public. The reasoning behind Marius’ cold blooded murder? According to zoo officials he was “surplus to their business needs.” They did not want him breeding because he was supposedly inbred. So they ended his life and used him as a snack for their carnivorous captives.

They did not want him breeding! Okay I can understand that, but this in no way justifies killing him and butchering him for the entertainment of zoo visitors (children included.) What most people myself included do not understand was why Marius had to die. Surely there was a way to keep him alive but prevent him from breeding? Not according to officials at the Copenhagen zoo.

“Other alternatives, like administering contraceptives, can cause side effects like renal failure. And neutering the young giraffe would have diminished his quality of life, says Holst. “Our most important objective is to ensure that the animals have the best life they can for as long as they live, whether that’s 20 years or two years. Breeding and parenting are especially important behaviors for a giraffe’s well-being. We didn’t want to interfere with that.”

What of the zoos around the world that offered to take the young giraffe? Are we meant to believe that Marius was a threat to breeding at every zoo on the planet? While breeding him with the Copenhagen zoo’s females might have been a bad move can these officials honestly expect us to believe that it would be dangerous for Matius to be allowed to breed with ANY other captive giraffe on the planet? Seems a little far fetched to me.

What of the zoo officials who would consider no other fate for Marius? The ones who insisted the only solution was death? Are they in their right minds, or are they just too tunnel visioned to be able to see other possible solutions? According to news reports this is not the first animal the zoo has slaughtered and fed to it’s carnivorous population. Nor is it the first time an animal has been slaughtered and butchered in front of zoo patrons.

The one thing besides the death of an innocent animal that bothers me in all of this, is the fact that zoo officials seemed to think that exposing children to the slaughter and butchering of an animal is “educational.” Tell me something, on what planet do we see murder as a spectator sport? When did we start becoming immune to violence? When did we decide that murder is okay as long as you think you have a valid reason? It isn’t!

Of course zoo officials in Copenhagen don’t see the killing of Marius the giraffe as murderous, they see it as controlling their assets. To them Marius was never a living breathing being he was an asset that was “surplus to their business needs.” A thing, that when unneeded was disposed of in the most final of all ways, he was killed and fed to other creatures.

Hmmm, wonder what the Copenhagen zoo is planning on doing with that zookeeper when he has outlived his usefulness? Jus’ sayin’.



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