To the mainstream media I only have one thing to say, get your priorities straight!

Civil unrest in Venezuela and the Ukraine, mass animal culls, major pedophile ring busts. All of these things have taken place over the past few weeks and all anyone is talking about is who won gold at the Olympics. Have we become such a jaded society that we simply do not care about what happens to others? Are the Olympics really more important to us than people dying on the streets of their own home towns at the hands of those who are supposed to serve and protect? Are they really more important than the fact that more pedophiles have been taken off the streets? Somehow I think not, but the main stream media sees things differently.

How does main stream media miss these things? They don’t, they just have a very screwed up sense of what is and is not news. Sure the whole world is wondering what is happening is Sochi, but how does sports reporting trump news of civil unrest in Venezuela? How is a bob sled race more important than people being persecuted for standing up for their rights? Again, it isn’t, but the mainstream media only covers what sells newspapers, and apparently Venezuelan unrest is not on the menu.

How does the world turn a blind eye to the violence taking place on our planet? In part the media is responsible. What they report on determines what people are talking about. It shouldn’t be that way, but society has come to rely on main stream media as a window on the world. To my way of thinking, someone needs to clean that window because we are not seeing the whole picture through it.

The media has lost their sense of priority. They are more worried about reporting on upstart city mayors and bad boy pop stars than they are about telling us what is really going on with the world today. The Rob Fords and the Justin Biebers of the world are the top of the news while civil unrest and government atrocities are ignored. We have become a generation that simply does not care what happens on the other side of the world as long as our episode of “The Walking Dead” still airs. Sad but true.

To the mainstream media I only have one thing to say, get your priorities straight!



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