I never used to be a political person. I always figured that whoever was running the country would eventually figure things out and all would be well. They haven’t, and it isn’t.

While we here in North America are wandering around wondering how the former middle class has become the new poverty stricken, half a world away some 280 female school children have been kidnapped by “religious nuts” who think girls should not be educated. It’s 2014 but some days I feel like when I step outside I will find myself in the middle ages. In this day and age how does something like this happen? How can a radical terrorist faction abduct nearly three hundred children and get away with it?


While the entire world is screaming #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS the Nigerian government is refusing to negotiate and plans to make a rescue attempt. Too bad that they had to be bullied to action by the outrage of the rest of the world.

All I know is I am glad that my daughter lives in a part of the world where she is entitled to be treated equally. I am glad she is not held at a disadvantage merely because she was born female. Unfortunately the same can not be said for girls in many countries.

Which brings me to the reason why? Why is it that girls are viewed so poorly in some parts of the world? How can anyone still believe that the mind of a girl is any less valuable than the mind of a man?

I took this picture, and it is now posted as my cover photo on my Facebook timeline. I urge all of you to do the same, let the world know we want these children brought home!



I know I probably sound woefully uninformed, but I will never understand this persecution of women half way around the world. I can not understand it because it is not something I have ever experienced. Quite frankly it is not something ANY woman should experience.

I did live through a domestic abuse situation as a young Mother, but I got out because our society helped me to break the cycle. Domestic abuse is not acceptable in western society. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, it just means that authorities will do something about it. Women in Nigeria don’t have the same confidence, domestic violence is and always has been a way of life.

When I think about the fact that there are entire countries full of women out there that live in fear on a daily basis the thought makes me cringe. I lived with that for five years out of my life and it almost killed me.

How can we sit by and watch while things like this go on in our world? What do we do to change them?

While some members of society might be ignoring this mass kidnapping referring to think of it as someone else’s problem, I am a citizen of the world, I believe that injustice against any one of my fellow human beings is unacceptable. If I could speak to the kidnappers of these girls I would tell them that they had no right to impose their will on innocent children no matter what they might believe in. The children of the world are the future of the world, and it is our job to protect them from harm.


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