The Reality Is It Isn’t a Race Issue

An asthmatic father of six is put in a chokehold by an arresting officer in New York City (a tactic banned by the department since 1993) he chokes to death, He was unarmed. An 18 year old boy is gunned down dead by police in Ferguson Missouri because he “fits the description” of a man who has just committed a convenience store robbery in the area. He was unarmed. A man is gunned down in the street in San Francisco while running away from police because he didn’t pay bus fare. He was unarmed. Is it a coincidence that all victims are black? Unfortunately the answer to that is “probably not.”

Don’t throw things at me, don’t yell that I am “just playing the race card,” you’d end up making yourself look ridiculous, I’m so white skinned I’m shiny. The color of my skin and my race have absolutely nothing to do with it, the reality of the situation is that far more black men are shot by police than white men. The fact is that today’s society has been taught to stereo-typically assume that black people must be criminals. This isn’t of course in fact true, and there are far more white criminals in America if you truly want my opinion, they are just hiding behind seats in Senate and Corporate Board room tables, but that’s another discussion entirely.

My point here is simply this, skin color has nothing to do with the fact that these deaths at the hands of police should never have occurred. I don’t speak out based on skin color or nationality, I speak out based on right and wrong. What is happening in America right now is wrong, it is just WRONG plain and simple. What we are seeing here is a problem with America’s law enforcement officers, not a problem with the American public no matter what their skin color. What happened to the weaponless takedown? What happened to NOT drawing a weapon unless your life is threatened?

Law enforcement in America has gone completely bonkers! The three cases I have mentioned are merely the very tippy top of the iceberg. Every day we see stories in our news feeds of women beaten by police, family dogs shot by police, people shot by police, people bullied by police. We also see the stories that tell us no charges will be laid against those officers because they were “just doing their job.” Um…last time I checked the so called “job” of most police officers was supposed to be “serve and protect” not “accuse and attack”

I know that there are some officers out there that truly still believe that “serve and protect” is their job, but let’s be real here, the majority of American Law enforcement officers out there today are on a power trip. They seem to think that putting on the uniform gives them license to handle people anyway they want. Most law enforcement officers are more the “accuse and attack” variety. They figure they can use excessive (and often lethal) force in ANY situation, and so we have people being shot/killed over nothing more than bus fare!

WAKE UP America! This isn’t a RACE issue! This is a HUMAN issue. You all have to stand together and tell government that “WE the PEOPLE” want America SAFE. If law enforcement exists to “serve and protect” the public isn’t it time that it do so? America needs to take a serious look at how much they have allowed the law enforcement agencies they put in place to get away with. It is time for major change, time to clean out the badass portion of law enforcement and hold these cops accountable for the lives they have taken so carelessly!