FORD NATION: a community of illiterate idiots supporting a family of blowhards.

He’s brash, he’s ignorant, he’s bigoted, and he might even be racist. Who am I talking about? Toronto Mayoral candidate Doug Ford of course, although it probably wasn’t clear from my opening line considering one Ford seems pretty much exchangeable for the other these days.

Rob Ford, diagnosed with cancer during his bid for re-election as Toronto’s mayor, has been replaced by his brother Doug Ford in the running. That hasn’t stopped Rob from drawing attention to himself as usual. He can still be seen running around the city stopping for a photo op with every barmaid in a short skirt he can find despite the fact that he is supposed to be going through chemo for his recently diagnosed cancer.

But enough about the Ford brothers and their ridiculous bid for the mayor’s office. What I want to talk to you about today is that large grouping of mentally unstable people that seem to be supporting the Ford brothers despite everything that has transpired in the past year or so. Yep, that’s right ladies and gentlemen I am referring to FORD NATION.

Ford Nation…that group of diehards who somehow magically think the Ford brothers are the answer to all their prayers. These people are not playing with a full deck and here’s why:

1) Despite the fact that he has received such bad press and the whole city is watching his every move, Ford is still seen drunk at city hall after hours several times. (often in the company of a drunken young woman or two) Ford is a married man so this type of behavior in public is unacceptable to most of his constituents. FORD NATION decides to ignore this behavior.

2) The Rob Ford scandal (crack smoking video) breaks and Ford makes the career choice to go to rehab. Okay, smart move if you are really saying you have a problem and want the general public to give you a second chance. Except, in the middle of his rehab stint, Ford was seen “celebrating” his birthday at a bar local to the rehab facility. WTF? Why would someone in treatment for drug/alcohol problems go to a bar while in rehab? Why were they even let out of the facility to do so?  FORD NATION decides “everyone makes mistakes” and continues to support Rob Ford.

3) Despite scandal after scandal Rob Ford refuses to step down even after he has lost the support of city council and has been stripped of his power to make mayoral decisions for the city of Toronto. FORD NATION decides everyone is picking on Ford and trying to destroy him.

4) Rob Ford makes sexist comments while on national television and the eyes of the world are turned to the big joke in Toronto. FORD NATION overlooks Rob Ford’s antics with the press.

5) Ford is diagnosed with cancer, and we are told he must have chemotherapy. After his first round Ford is seen seeking photo ops with scantily clad barmaids when he should be home convalescing. FORD NATION thinks this is perfectly normal and condemns anyone who speaks out about it saying they have no right to persecute a cancer patient.

Are you seeing the pattern here? Members of FORD NATION have their heads stuck so far up their asses they can’t see the forest for the trees. It is perfectly acceptable for an ordinary citizen to make mistake after mistake with their life, however when that citizen is the mayor of Toronto there is NOTHING acceptable about this type of behavior. Just try telling that to the diehards of FORD NATION, those people who are gullible enough to believe every single word that comes out of the mouth of a Ford brother. Good luck to you!

In order to change the minds of the idiots of FORD NATION one would have to lobotomize the lot of them. These people are obviously illiterate idiots that haven’t a clue what a moral compass is let alone how to use one. Is Toronto doomed? Nah I don’t think so. Thankfully there are enough voters in the city that aren’t FORD NATION zombies, so things should be okay. Once another of the candidates has been sworn into office perhaps the Ford’s and their nation of illiterates will finally realize they are not political candidate material and ride of into the sunset with their proverbial tail between their legs. Until the election, I have my fingers crossed!


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