I Can’t Breathe…

“I can’t breathe” those were the last words spoken by Eric Garner before he died. A breathless scream as he fought to draw breathe while an officer kept him in a chokehold. Later police claimed that they did not use a choke hold on Garner but video does not lie, and in the video of Garner’s arrest we can clearly see him being choked into submission. We can also hear Garner try several times to inform officers that he could not get breath, words those officers chose to ignore.It is a video that has gone viral, as might be expected due to the fact that the incident shocked the world both when it took place and again recently when a Grand Jury decided not to indict the officer responsible for Garner’s death.

It is the second such Grand Jury decision within the past three weeks coming on the heels of the Grand Jury decision not to indict Officer Wilson in the Ferguson MI shooting death of Michael Brown, and the second time an officer has gotten away with taking a life without accountability being placed upon that officer for the choice he made that cost someone their life.

Michael Brown was black, and so was Eric Garner, but even if their skin color was a factor in their death (I can’t say it was or wasn’t I was not there and do not know the victims or their killers)it was not the only significant factor in their deaths. Another significant factor is the fact that we are seeing a rise in instances of police brutality and excessive use of force by police answering routine calls. We are also seeing use of lethal force in situations that do not call for lethal force. There are many stories like those in the following links that make us ask the question “is American law enforcement out of control?”

An LA woman claims she was beaten by police at a traffic stop

A woman is attacked by police during a traffic stop

Unarmed Dillon Taylor shot in the back by police while walking away (shooting ruled “justified”)

There are many more if you look for them shootings, beatings, use of excessive force, even in cases where police have raided the wrong home family members have been terrorized and family pets shot in front of children all in the name of police work.

Where does it end? When do cops become accountable for their actions? How many more people have to die at the hands of power tripping cops before something is done about it?

I say power tripping cops because, there still are some cops out there that truly want to do their job without anyone getting hurt, unfortunately they are few and far between in the police state our world is becoming. I am followed by a few of the good ones on twitter and I know they are good people who still believe it is their job to serve and protect the public. But many of today’s cops seem to think they are both judge and jury as well as arresting officer and feel they can do as they please during the apprehension of a “suspect.

Cops must not be allowed to continue carelessly taking people’s lives. Law enforcement in North America needs an overhaul, and some serious oversight! Cops who kill people should not be cops.


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