I have lost my holiday spirit, and here’s why…

This year I just can’t seem to get into the holiday spirit. It’s no big surprise really. With everything that is going on in the world, making a huge fuss out of the holidays somehow just doesn’t seem right. You see, while we are here getting ready for our usual decadent Christmas full of presents and overabundant food to eat, there are thousands of child refugees that are scrounging for their next meal, or a warm place to sleep.

Now while some might argue that these refugee children are not Christians and don’t celebrate Christmas anyway, I still feel the way I do. These are children, they did not ask for war to come to their country, they do not understand why it has, they just know that their life has been turned upside down and they no longer have a home.

With half of North America screaming “we don’t want any refugees brought here” no one is thinking of the children.  The children of war are always innocents caught in the crossfire. When the first images of refugee children washed up on the beaches after drowning at sea were released the world took a collective breath in horror, then they went about their merry way with nary a further thought to the fate of thousands of innocent lives.

Now the Christmas season has arrived and everyone is happy to immerse themselves in holiday preparations, and forget all about those pictures of dead children on a beach as if they never saw them. Meanwhile the mainstream media is preaching at us all about how we should fear these refugees because they “might” be terrorists. I have yet to find any historical information that contains stories of baby terrorists with sub-machine guns tucked in their diapers wiping out border patrols as they are carried in arms, but apparently according to some EVERY Muslim on the planet is a terrorist. When did we become so cynical that even the life of a child is less important than our “pretend” feelings of safety?

Those feelings ARE a pretense, we are only safe until someone with a gun decides we are not. America has an overabundance of the ingredients that go into a holy war, but no one sees this because they have all convinced themselves that “war will never happen here!” But let us look at the situation realistically shall we?

America- land of the free and home of the self centered, (isn’t that the way it goes?) Well…we know that Americans have more guns than they really need, (after all it is their fundamental right to bear arms) and we know that Americans have more radical Christian religious nuts than they need. Are guns and radical religious nuts not the same reason why we are currently fighting a little terrorist group known as DAESH (I am told they hate that name) Extreme Islamists with guns = DAESH a terrorist organization, therefore how can we say that the same thing could not happen here?

America has radical Christian religious nuts, and every single one of them has the right to bear arms. What would happen if they organized themselves? If they suddenly decided their way was the only way, and got together to force the rest of us to bow to their thinking or die for being infidels, would you care then? Of course you would, but you don’t care at all about innocent children caught up in a religious war? You need to give your head a shake and get your priorities straight.

There is one little thing everyone needs to remember…it could be YOU, it could be YOUR child, and if it were wouldn’t you like to think the rest of the world would care enough to welcome you to a safe haven with open arms? I know I would!

So go ahead, celebrate your decadent Christmas, bury yourself in material goods that somehow seem to have become “the reason for the season.” I can’t stop you, and I can’t judge you, that’s a job for whatever God or higher power you believe in.

Until Next Time,

Try to remember what the holiday season is REALLY about!

The Photographer


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