The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself!

All day long I sit and think about what is going on in the world around me. The more I learn about the horrors this planet serves up the more I want to crawl into a hole somewhere and wait to die. I am an empath. No I DO NOT mean I am empathetic, that’s a different thing entirely, I mean empath, a person that absorbs the feelings and energies of those around them and feels the same way. It’s the reason that I have begun to avoid or limit my contact with other people. There is far too much pain and suffering in society these days, I can not handle the feelings, the energy that hits me when I go out into the world. It’s overwhelming! Being in a crowd is physically exhausting. There is nothing I can do about this, no switch I can flip to turn it off, it’s just a part of who I am.

Right about now you’re thinking one of two things, okay maybe three, you’re thinking;

  1. This chick is completely nuts why am I still reading this?
  2. I KNOW exactly how that feels!
  3. I’m glad I’m not her!

If you’re thinking #1 WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE? Go find something productive to do!

If you’re thinking #2 Please inbox me? I think we should be friends!

If you’re thinking #3 Some days I wish I wasn’t me!

You see the thing is, when you’re like me, when you feel energies so deeply that the feelings that generated those energies become YOUR feelings, the world is a very depressing place to be right now. People are angry all the time, angry about the economy, angry about the fact that they think their governments aren’t listening to them, angry that life isn’t what they want it to be. On top of that anger there is a current of fear. Fear of terrorists, fear of change, fear of the unknown. Anger and fear together breed hatred, hatred of races, religions, sexual orientations, gender identity, skin color, the list goes on…

Imagine how it feels to be in a crowd of people with all that hatred, fear, and anger in the air. As I said, it’s overwhelming, especially to someone who feels none of those things by choice. I am not angry about things I can not control, I do not fear what I don’t understand I strive to understand it, and I do not hate because I do not judge without reason, and without judgement there can be no hatred. When you feel and absorb all that negative energy, you have to find a way to deal with the fall out.

No, I’m not perfect…far from it. I have made more mistakes in my life choices than I have time or inclination to tell you about. My way of handling things? I simply strive to learn from each mistake, and do not judge others for the mistakes they make as if I have made none of my own.

So why exactly am I telling you all of this? Because I want to make you think of course! Isn’t that why you read this blog? Because I’m weird and make you think about things from a different angle? Well there you go! But that isn’t the only reason I am telling you this. (Of course it isn’t, you know me by now!)

I want to talk to you about the hatred I feel coming off people in waves when I go out lately. It’s tangible, and it effects me to the point of changing my mood to one of anger if I stay out too long. There is always a certain amount of hatred in the world but lately, there is more than I have ever felt.

The problem is, that now that hatred seems to have a focus, and that focus is on innocent Muslim Canadians. It’s also irrational hatred brought on by media sensationalism and recent world events. Most people are too blinded by that hatred right now to see it for what it really is, an irrational response to fear.

People are afraid, afraid that war is coming, afraid of a terrorist attack, and that fear is creating a hatred of those that they perceive as being responsible for their fear. (It’s a vicious circle really!) It is a basic human response to hate that which we fear, albeit an irrational one.

Humans fear the unknown, but instead of learning about what they fear, they instead hate what they fear. If we follow this thinking we can conclude that the only way to get over your fear and hatred of Muslims is to truly get to know what most Muslims believe. In other words instead of hating what you fear learn why you should or shouldn’t fear it. It really isn’t rocket science, it’s just rational response. Very often when we learn about what we fear we find there is no reason to fear it in the first place.

Until Next Time


The Photographer



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