Does Your Friend List Need Detox?

Well folks, here it is, the first post of the new year! As I do every year I spent the holidays looking back over the last year and trying to figure out what about my life needed to change in order for me to move forward. I needed to detox my life, but where to start?

I began thinking about the people I surround myself with. My chief goal was to figure out which ones were toxic to my well being, and eliminate them from the picture. I realized that over the past few years I had gathered a few “friends” that were creating a negative and therefore “toxic” influence on my well being. It became clear to me that these people were metaphorical boat anchors, chaining me down and preventing me from moving forward and becoming a better person, the only solution was to rid myself of them. So on January 1st, I began to detox my friend list!

Now while this may sound harsh to some of you, others are sitting there reading this and thinking “I have ‘toxic’ people in my life!” But who exactly IS a toxic person? Let’s break it down shall we?

1.) Toxic people are NEVER interested in what’s going on with YOU, their main focus is themselves, and what YOU can do for them.

2.) Toxic people are never around when you need THEM, but when they have a problem YOU are the first person they call.

3.) Toxic people never call just to talk, they always have something they want you to do for them, and they ALWAYS expect you to agree to it.

4.) Toxic people will talk about you with others if it furthers their agenda, they do not understand the meaning of discretion, or loyalty to friends.

5.) An encounter with a toxic person leaves you mentally (and sometimes physically) drained. It’s difficult to keep up with all their complaints and issues, especially when you are the one expected to solve everything for them.

6.) Toxic people DO NOT respect your beliefs or boundaries but expect YOU to respect THEIRS.

If any of the above six points strike a note for you, then you may have a toxic person in your life. So, is it time for YOU to detox your life?

Maybe so!

I’m off to detoxify my friend list!

Have a great weekend!

The Photographer



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