What do you think? Should sex education be taught in elementary school?

As many of you ¬†know I am Canadian. Today as I sat watching the news at noon on CTV they asked a question. That question was “do you think sex education should be started in elementary school?”

It has been a controversial question here in Ontario for some time now, but to me sex education is a necessity especially given the fact that the onset of puberty seems to come earlier in every generation. Some of you say it is a parent’s job and should not be taught in schools at all, I say those people are not being realistic. Let’s face it, most parents do not want to talk to their children about sex any more than their kids want to hear the embarrassing details from their parents. However it is a subject we must broach with our children if we hope to prevent unwanted pregnancy and disease.

If we allow our children to learn the facts of life from their peers we are going to have a lot of erroneous information floating around. It is already out there! For example did you know that about 47% of all kids in North America don’t think of oral sex as sex at all? They also look at oral sex as the “safe” way to fool around and not get pregnant. Half of them do not realize that STD’s are transmitted through oral sex as well as intercourse, a scary thought.

Really when you think about it if society as a whole took a more liberal approach to the discussion of sex in general our children would be better informed. By turning natural human sexuality into a taboo subject we have created most of societies sexual problems ourselves.

Like the parent who says that sex ed should be taught at home and not in school, many parents have a problem with sex education being taught in elementary schools. They say their children are too young to discuss sex, that if sex ed must be taught it should be taught only in high school. This makes no sense to me whatsoever. Think about the age of a child when they start to ask where babies come from? 5 maybe 6 years old? So we teach them that the baby grows inside the Mommy until it is ready to come out and be a part of the world. That simple act of explaining that babies come from Mommy’s is sexual education, but most people fail to understand that.

We need to stop acting as if there is something WRONG with sexual intimacy, after all it is a natural function. It is what ensures the human race goes on. We make it a taboo, something only done in secret, something to be ashamed of, and that is part of the problem. Attach a stigma to anything and automatically our kids should be shielded from it. Then when they grow up we are too shy to tell them about this “taboo” thing so they learn from the wrong sources.

Children should be taught sexual education (no one is saying that they should be told how to HAVE sex) in elementary school, which is when most children begin to go through puberty these days. Waiting until AFTER they have gone through puberty doesn’t make sense to me.

What do you think?